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Summer is not the best time to dig B & B material

Out of Season Digging

of B & B Material is not recommended

Digging plant material out of season (i.e. when plants are not dormant) is not recommended due to increased probability of plant stress and or/plant death. Jericho Farms will agree to dig plant material out of season, for an additional charge of 20%. Survivability of plant material dug out-of-season is not guaranteed . Jericho Farms will not be responsible for any issues/losses resulting from out of season digging.

Please download the form below and complete and sign as it is required prior to digging your out of season order. You may fax in this form; however the original will need to be mailed or given to Jericho upon receipt of the order.
Payments for plants dug out-of-season are C.O.D.

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