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Drip-irrigated B&B material, and Container Plants

For Landscapers, Re-Wholesalers, Municipalities, and Garden Centers

Jericho Farms is a wholesale nursery established in Wayne County, North Carolina in 1980. Forty years later,  we have 350 + acres of drip-irrigated B&B material and container plants. We grow 1.5"-5" shade trees,  1.5"-3.5" flowering trees, 6'-16' Crape Myrtles, and more . Our  35 gallon and 75 gallon trees are great for summer and last minute landscape installations.  In container, we offer a broad range of plants from 1 gallon liriope to 3, 5,7,and 15, and 25 gallon shrubs.

It is our goal to provide quality plants and dependable service to landscapers, re-wholesalers, municipalities and garden centers. Development of friendships with customers is always a pleasure. We invite customers to our nursery, and encourage input from them regarding their individual plant needs. For those who can't find time to visit, we can e-mail photos of plant material at your request.

A Little History

We are often asked where the name Jericho Farms originated. It was taken from a farm in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia where our Grandfather farmed for years. The logo is mirrored from the original sign for Jericho Farms. For those of you who may not be familiar with us, our tree farm consists of 350+ acres of B&B material, all of which is drip irrigated. This season we are thankful to have supplies of some of those commonly requested, but recently scarce oaks, maples, large Leyland and crape myrtles, and more. We also grow a variety of ornamentals in container, and produce 1.5" to 3" trees grown above ground especially for summer sales.