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Botanical Name     Common Name
Acer buergerianum
Common Name: Maple, Trident

Maple, Trident is a small, round, low spreading tree that has glossy green leaves with pale green undersides. It has orange to red fall color. The new growth is often times a rich bronse color. The bark eventually becomes exfoliating and scaley which...

Acer palmatum 'Emperor 1'
Common Name: Japanese Maple, Emperor 1

Acer palmatum var. atropurpureum 'Bloodgood'
Common Name: Maple, Bloodgood Japanese

Bloodgood Japanese Maple is one of the most popular of all the Japanese Maples. It is a small, slow growing tree to 15 to 20 feet. Japanese maples do best in semi shaded locations and provide lots of color with their deep burgundy leaves. Bloodgoo...

Acer palmatum var. dissectum 'Viridis'
Common Name: Maple, Viridis Japanese

Virides Japanese maple is one of the most common green, lace leaf varieties. The leaves turn yellow gold with hints of orange and red in autumn. It has a cascading habit to 10' tall. Virides is an excellent choice as a specimen or in a container i...

Acer palmatum var. dissectum atropurpureum 'Crimson Queen'
Common Name: Maple, Crimson Queen Japanese

Crimson Queen Japanese Maple is a member of the lace leaf group of Japanese Maples. It grows 8 to10 feet tall and has a handsome habit with cascading branches and deep crimson red colored foliage. Crimson Queen Maples are an excellent choice as a ...

Acer palmatum var. dissectum atropurpureum 'Tamukeyama'
Common Name: Maple. Tamukeyama Japanese

Acer rubrum 'Armstrong'
Common Name: Maple, Armstrong

Maple, Armstrong is a fastigate(upright) variety of red maple. It has leaves that are more similar to silver maple than red maple due to the deeply cut sinuses and silvery undersides. This is a good cultivar where a tall but narrow tree is needed, ho...

Acer rubrum 'Brandywine'
Common Name: Maple, Brandywine

Maple, Brandywine has a moderately columnar canopy. it has dark green foliage that turns red in the fall and then a brilliant purple-red as the days get shorter....

Acer rubrum 'Franksred'
Common Name: Maple, Red Sunset

Maple, Red Sunset is one of the best red maple cultivars available. It has excellent fall foliage and colors earlier than other cultivars....

Acer rubrum 'October Glory'
Common Name: Maple, October Glory

Maple, October Glory is the most asked for of the red maple cultivars that we grow. It has a good oval - rounded canopy with lustrous dark green leaves that hold their green color a little longer than other varieties but does eventually turn a brilli...

Acer rubrum 'Sun Valley'
Common Name: Maple, Sun Valley

Maple, Sun Valley is a red maple variety that grows to 40 feet with an obvate crown. The leaves turn a brilliant red in the fall. This selection is from a cross between 'Red Sunset' and 'Autumn Flame' by the U. S. National Arboretum....

Acer truncatum x A. platanoides ''Warrenred''
Common Name: Maple, Pacific Sunset

Pacific Sunset Shantung Maple is a truncatum maple which is a lesser known species in our area. Truncatum maple is a smaller growing species that is more suitable for today's smaller home lots and also more suitable as a municipal street tree than...

Acer X freemani 'Jeffers Red'
Common Name: Maple, Autumn Blaze

Maple, Autumn Blaze is an upright branching tree with an oval shaped canopy. It has a brilliant orange-red fall color that is rather long lasting. It is a great tree to put the hammock under for a Saturday afternoon nap....

Betula nigra 'BNMTF'
Common Name: Dura Heat River Birch

Dura-Heat® River Birch is a cultivated variety of the native river birch. The leaves are slightly smaller than those of the species and are a glossy, deep olive green turning to yellow in autumn. The bark exfoliates at an early age and is very li...

Callitropsis X leylandii
Common Name: Cypress, Leyland

Leyland Cypress is a fast growing coniferous evergreen growing to 40 feet tall and 10 feet wide. It has a pyramidal habit. This plant has a very rapid growth rate and is widely used as a screening plant. It can also be used as a very stately specimen...

Carpinus betulus 'Fastigiata'
Common Name: Hornbeam, European Fastigiate

Hornbeam, European Fastigiate is an upright to oval shaped growing tree to 40 feet tall. It is probably the most common cultivar of th species being grown today and is a great selection for screening, groupings, use around large buildings, and in pla...

Cercis canadensis
Common Name: Redbud, Eastern

Redbud, Eastern is a small tree with the trunk devided close to the ground forming a wide spreading, flat topped to rounded canopy. It has reddish purple flower buds that open to rose pink in March and April. This plant is a multi-use plant that can ...

Cercis canadensis 'Forest Pansy'
Common Name: Redbud, Forest Pansy

Forest Pansy Redbud ia a smaller growing, deciduous tree whith very handsome, purple, heart shaped leaves and deep rose pink flowers in late winter to early spring. The new growth is a shimmering reddish purple but tends to fade as it matures. This f...

Cercis canadensis 'JN2'
Common Name: Redbud, Rising Sun

Cercis canadensis 'Ruby Falls'
Common Name: Redbud, Ruby Falls

Ruby Falls Redbud is a weeping form of our native redbud that has deep burgundy foliage throughtout the growing season. It is covered with purple flowers in late winter to early spring. Ruby Falls Redbud is an excellent choice for a very colorful ...

Cercis canadensis sub. texensis 'Oklahoma'
Common Name: Redbud, Oklahoma

Redbud, Oklahoma is a smaller growing form of the eastern redbud and tends to have thicker stems with leathery, lustrous green leaves with a wavy leaf margin. It is a good choice for use in a mixed border, as a specimen tree, and it works well in nat...

Cercis x Merlot 'Merlot'
Common Name: Redbud, Merlot

Cryptomeria japonica 'Yoshino'
Common Name: Cryptomeria, Yoshino

Yoshino Cryptomeria is a handsome, fast growing, evergreen tree with bluish green needled foliage that turns a bit bronze in the winter. This is a good replacement for Leyland Cypress where a fast growing screen is desired. This can also be used as a...

Ilex opaca 'Greenleaf'
Common Name: Holly, Greenleaf

Greenleaf Holly is a cultivated hybrid of our native American Holly. It is an upright, pyramidal growing plant with spiny, medium green leaves and it produces bright red berries. It is a terriffic choice as a specimen, for planting on corners of larg...

Ilex x 'Emily Bruner'
Common Name: Holly, Emily Bruner

Emily Bruner Holly is a broad, dense, pyramidal holly with large, dark green leaves and large fruit that encircle the stems. The fruit turns red and persists through winter. This is a terrific holly for screening or using as a specimen or on corners ...

Ilex x 'Nellie Stevens'
Common Name: Holly, Nellie R Stevens

Nellie Stevens Holly is an upright, dense, pyramidal growing evergreen with deep green, spiny foliage. THe plant developes fruit which turns red in autumn and often times persists through much of the winter. This is a superior selection for screening...

Juniperus virginiana
Common Name: Cedar, Eastern Red

Eastern Red Cedar is an upright, pyramidal to broad spreading evergreen that is native to much of the eastern half of the United States. Eastern Red Cedar is a good choice for screens, windbreaks, and as a specimen....

Lagerstroemia indica 'Arapaho'
Common Name: Crapemyrtle, Arapaho

Arapaho Crape Myrtle is one of the National Arboretum releases. It grows 15 to 20 feet tall with tight branching and lustrous, dark green leaves. The tree produces dark red flowers with purple overtones which persist throughout the summer. Arapaho...

Lagerstroemia indica 'Muskogee'
Common Name: Crapemyrtle, Muskogee

Muskogee Crepe Myrtle is one of the larger growing crepe myrtles. Muskogee is normally a multi stemmed tree with lavender pink flowers in the summer and foliage that turns red in autumn. The bark is gray to tan and adds to the winter interest of the ...

Lagerstroemia indica 'Natchez'
Common Name: Crapemyrtle, Natchez

Natchez Crepe Myrtle is a small growing, deciduous, multi-stemmed tree with a multitude of white flowers in the summer that are so numerous that they cause the branches of the tree to gracefully weep over. The foliage of the tree turns orangish red i...

Lagerstroemia indica 'Sarah's Favorite'
Common Name: Crapemyrtle, Sarah's Favorite

Lagerstroemia indica 'Sioux'
Common Name: Crapemyrtle, Sioux

Sioux Crepe Myrtle is an upright, multistemmed, large shrub or small tree with deep pink flowers through out the summer and foliage that turns red in fall. The bark on the trunk and older branches exfoliates to reveal a light grayish brown color. Sou...

Lagerstroemia indica 'Tonto'
Common Name: Crapemyrtle, Tonto

Lagerstroemia indica 'Tuscarora'
Common Name: Crapemyrtle, Tuscarora

Tuscarora Crepe Myrtle is a medium size grower that has 5 to 12 inch long and 4 to 8 inch wide, deep coral pink, panicle flowers and foliage that turns orangish red in autumn. Tuscarora Crepe Myrtle has attractive, mottled, light brown bark. Tuscaror...

Lagerstroemia indica 'Whit III'
Common Name: Crapemyrtle, Pink Velour

Pink Velour® Crepe Myrtle is a medium size grower with deep pink flowers through the summer and new growth that is a deep red wine color that is most apparent in the spring. Pink Velour® Crepe Myrtle is a good selection for the mixed border, corners ...

Lagerstroemia indica 'Whit IV'
Common Name: Crapemyrtle, Red Rocket

Red Rocket® Crepe Myrtle is a small growing deciduous tree that gets large, cherry red, panicle flowers in the summer and the new growth is a deep crimson red. The red flowers may fleck white on cooler, cloudy days.
Red Rocket® Crepe Myrtle is a goo...

Lagerstroemia indica 'Whit I' 'Raspberry Sundae'
Common Name: Crapemyrtle, Raspberry Sundae

Rasberry Sundae® Crepe Myrtle is a medium size, upright to columnar grower with rasberry red flowers with white margins and bronze new growth. Rasberry Sundae® Crepe Myrtle is a good selection for tighter spots, as a specimen in the landscape, on bui...

Liquidambar styraciflua
Common Name: American Sweetgum

American Seetgum is a native, large growing, deciduous tree with an oblong to rounded crown at maturity. American Sweetgum has 5 to 7 lobed, star shaped leaves that are lustrous green above and pale green underneath turning to a deep red to maroon in...

Liquidambar styraciflua 'Rotundaloba'
Common Name: Fruitless Sweetgum

Fruitless Sweetgum is a fruitless version of our native sweetgum. Fruitless Sweetgum seems to grow more narrow than the species but as tall. The leaves are lobed like the species but the lobes are rounded as opposed to pointed. As the name suggests, ...

Liriodendron tulipifera
Common Name: Tulip Poplar

Tulip Poplar is one of the taller growing native tree in our forests and woods. It is a very straight growing tree with a columanar habit. Tulip Poplar has flowers in the spring that are tulip shaped followed by large, emerald green leaves that are s...

Magnolia grandiflora 'Bracken's Brown Beauty'
Common Name: Magnolia, Bracken's Brown Beauty

Bracken's Brown Beauty is a broadleaf evergreen tree and is probably one of the best selections of Southern Magnolia. Bracken's Brown Beauty Magnolia is a dense, compact form with smaller, lustrous dark green leaves that have brown backs. Bracken's B...

Magnolia grandiflora 'Little Gem'
Common Name: Magnolia, Little Gem

Little Gem Magnolia is the smallest growing of the commercially available southern magnolias. Little Gem Magnolia grows more like a large shrub than with a central leader. Little Gem has smaller leaves that are lustrous dark green with bronze backs a...

Magnolia virginiana
Common Name: Magnolia, Sweet Bay/Virginia

Magnolia x grandiflora 'Edith Bogue'
Common Name: Magnolia, Edith Bogue

Edith Bogue Magnolia is a large growing, big leaved, evergreen tree that produces large, lemon scented, creamy white flowers throughout the summer. Edith Bogue Magnolia is noted for its cold tolerance and is a good selection as a single specimen w...

Myrica cerifera
Common Name: Wax Myrtle

Nyssa sylvatica
Common Name: Black Gum

Pinus taeda
Common Name: Pine, Loblolly

Pistacia chinensis
Common Name: Chinese Pistache

Platanus x acerifolia 'Morton Circle'
Common Name: London Plane Tree, Exclamation™

Exclamation™ London Plane Tree is a large, rapidly growing deciduous tree that is a fantastic shade producer. The tree also has very unique exfoliating bark. Exclamation™ London Plane Tree is a fantastic selection for large residential...

Prunus cerasifera 'Krauter Vesuvius'
Common Name: Plum, KV

Prunus serrulata 'Kwanzan'
Common Name: Cherry, Kwanzan -

Prunus serrulata 'Snow Goose'
Common Name: Cherry, Snow Goose

Prunus X incamp 'Okame'
Common Name: Cherry, Okame

Prunus X yedoensis 'Yoshino'
Common Name: Cherry, Yoshino

Pyrus calleryana 'Cleveland Select'
Common Name: Pear, Cleveland Select

Quercus accutissima
Common Name: Oak, Sawtooth

Quercus bicolor
Common Name: Oak, Swamp White

Quercus lyrata 'Overcup'
Common Name: Oak, Overcup

Quercus nuttallii
Common Name: Oak, Nuttall

Quercus palustrus
Common Name: Oak, Pin

Quercus phellos
Common Name: Oak, Willow

Quercus shumardii
Common Name: Oak, Shumard

Quercus virginiana
Common Name: Oak, Live

Taxodium distichum
Common Name: Baldcypress

Bald Cypress is a deciduous tree that grows well in wet areas, but will tolerate dry and well drained soils as well. The trunk is attractive with fibrous bark, and a unique shape....

Thuja plicata 'Green Giant'
Common Name: Arborvitae, Green Giant

Arborvitae, Green Giant is a rapidly growing, evergreen. It is most often used in a screen planting.
Foliage turns a bronze color in winter, turning back to lustrous green spring - early fall....

Ulmus americana 'Princeton'
Common Name: Elm, Princeton American

Ulmus parvifolia 'Bosque'
Common Name: Elm, Bosque

Elm, Bosque is a fast growing deciduous tree with a pyrmidal growth habit. It has exfoliating bark, with a yellow-orange-red fall color....

Vitex agnus-castus 'Shoal Creek'
Common Name: Chaste Tree, Shoal Creek

Vitex, Shoal Creek is a small growing, deciduous tree that has 12"-18" long blue-violet, fragrant flowers in summer. Foliage is gray-green. Shoal Creek is great for use as an accent plant, and to attract butterflies....

Zelkova seratta 'City Sprite'
Common Name: Zelkova, City Sprite

Zelkova serrata 'Green Vase'
Common Name: Zelkova, Green Vase

Zelkova, Green Vase is a deciduous tree with upright arching branches. It is often used as a street tree
due to it's tolerance to polution and upright branching habit. Zelkova, Green Vase grows slightly taller and narrower than Zelkova, Village Gre...

Zelkova serrata 'Musashino'
Common Name: Zelkova, Musashino