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Jericho Farms

Drip-irrigated B&B material and Containerized Plants

Jericho Farms is a wholesale nursery established in Wayne County, North Carolina in 1980 as a container producer. We now have 400 + acres on which we grow drip-irrigated B&B material and containerized plants. We offer 1.5""-5" shade and flowering trees, 6'-12' Crape Myrtles, 5'-10' Hollies and Magnolias, 3 gallon - 25 gallon shrubs, and 15 gallon - 200 gallon trees.  It is our goal to provide quality plants and dependable service to landscapers, re-wholesalers, municipalities and garden centers. We invite customers to our nursery, and encourage input from them regarding their individual plant needs. For those who can't find time to visit, we can e-mail photos of plant material upon request.

A Little History About Our Nursery Name and Logo

We are often asked where the name Jericho Farms originated. It was taken from a farm in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia where our Grandfather farmed for years. The logo is mirrored from the original sign for Jericho Farms.

Field Grown Crepe Myrtles